About me

Who are you?
My name is Annie! 

How old are you?
I'm 21 years old.

Where do you live?
I live in The Big Smoke; London!

Where is your hometown?
Bridlington in East Yorkshire.

Three things you cannot live without?
Big cups of coffee, mascara and napping!

What will I find here?
I mainly blog about my outfits and press events I have attended in the capital. On the odd occasion I have guest OOTD from friends or family or I will post about where my modelling has taken me.

What/where do you study?
I study Fashion Merchandise Management at the University of Westminster in Harrow.

What shoe size are you?
UK size 6

What dress size are you?
UK size 10

How tall are you?
I am 5ft 8"

The social networks I have presence on are:


I am an independent blogger. I am very careful who I choose to work with and what companies/brands appear on my blog as an advertisement. 

Banner Advertisements: These will be located down the right hand side of my blog. These are my blog 'sponsors', brands I have worked with, are currently working with and whom I love. I would never put a banner ad of a brand that was not right for my blog and did not fit in with my style/life/posts.

Courtesy of items (c/o): This symbol will appear next to the listed items on my blog posts if a company has sent me something for consideration/to incorporate into my outfit posts. I will always disclose if an item has been sent by a company and will appropriately link it to their website. I will never just accept items from companies because they are 'free'. To ensure I upkeep my blog as a brand and an extension of me, the items I feature will always be something that it fits in with my style.
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