Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#AccessAllASOS - Selfie School

Being part of Access All ASOS is pretty damn awesome. As many of you know I am an avid fan of this brand (okay, maybe I'm toning my love for ASOS down there, but still, you get my drift!) 

Being invited to the Selfie School on Saturday, I didn't really know what to expect but I was excited to be going back to their HQ! 

After arriving and quickly introducing myself to Lauren, Sarah and Amy, we settled down to talk over miniature burgers and fish and chips whilst proceeding to take very shy pre selfie school selfies. Que, looking at each other and giggling nervously! 

After Hannah (Head of Social Media at ASOS) ran through what we were going to be doing, Olly Lang, a mobile photography expert led into the talk by talking about the history of the selfie and also running us through what apps are best for shooting and editing. Now as a blogger, I'm pretty snap happy so having this extra knowledge on the best apps to use for different things was really valuable to me.

We were then set four challenges to complete to see if we could put into practice what Olly had taught us! These were:

The Mirror Selfie
(Take a selfie in the mirror without your phone being in shot)

The Dramatic Selfie
(Take a selfie under the moody lighting)

The Combination Selfie
(Take 2 or 3 images and collate them to show 1 image of your outfit)

The Natural Selfie
(Take a selfie in natural light and do not add filters!)

We were also taken round in groups to tour the offices and see the studios where the images and catwalk videos are shot (apologies for the obligatory cheesy photos of me on the ASOS catwalk!)

All in all, it was such a great afternoon, I just wish it had been longer! I met some awesome girls and had a really good laugh at the academy! Hopefully I will be able to blog more events from ASOS as the Access All ASOS platform grows!

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