Wednesday, 23 October 2013

She's back

DSC_6564 2

Necklace - eBay
Knitted Tee - ASOS
Jeans - River Island
Boots - New Look
Rings - Pandora

Yep, she's back. I'm back. I have finished my "quarter life crisis" as my housemates aptly named my MIA period from blogging and just generally, not being me (i.e. getting a new job, quitting my new job after four shifts and generally being a disorganised mess!) 
I have now planned out my University deadlines and made a promise to myself that I need to break from doing Uni work every once in a while!

In other news, I got hamsters! If you follow me on Instagram (@anniemillion) you'll have already seen the delights that are Alpha and Echo! A trip to Pets At Home to buy one of my housemates fish for her new tank ended in us adopting two little bundles of fur.

I seem to have a fair few new pieces to show with you, like the ASOS tee above (damn you ASOS sale)! ANNNDDDD I've been selected to be part of #accessallasos ! I was super excited when I received the email telling me AND then the parcel to my door this morning containing a few goodies! Im intrigued to know what I might get up to with them but at the moment I'm genuinely chuffed that I've been chosen for 2013!

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