Friday, 26 July 2013

You know I only wanted fun, then you got me all fucked up on love

Sunglasses - ASOS
Dress - Forever 21
Leather Cuff - c/o Royal Spades
Silver Ring - Pandora
Black Ring - Republic (old)
Heels - Bershka

Today I've been wearing another beauty that I bought on my trip to Texas last month! I picked up a couple of things from Forever 21 while I shopped around in their La Cantera store in San Antonio, but this dress attracted my attention because of its unusual neck detailing. I really cannot get enough of tops or dresses with strange necklines! FYI if anyone spots any online / in a UK store.. please please please get in touch, either on my Facebook page or Twitter

Tomorrow I'm going back to the town were I went to college - Beverley! I am going to be modelling in a few shows as part of the annual Beverley Fashion Week. I'm hoping they will have photographers there so I can post some up here to show you all went on! Wish me luck!

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