Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Daniel Footwear - Styled!

Nail Varnish - Models Own (Top Turquoise & Hed Kandi Disco Heaven)

I figured it was a while since I had done a wish list or a trend board so after being sent an email by Etail PR I discovered they have this awesome competition on, couretesy of Daniel Footwear, at the minute for us bloggers, so I figured why not, since I have so much time on my hands... yay unemployment! 

The competition asks us to create a collage of our favourite Daniel Footwear shoes.. however I couldn't bare to just stick an image with loads of different shoes on here. So I picked out my ultimate favourites on the site, yup, one pair and created an outfit style collage (I know this probably 'disqualifies' me from the competition  however I'm too in love with this look now!). In fact as I was putting this together tonight I wondered why I hadn't already got a cute outfit like this! It would be so versatile! Smart enough to wear to work and casual cool enough to go straight to the bar after! I'm not going to lie, it was pretty hard picking out one pair from the Daniel Footwear website when they stock such beauties as Michael Kors, Lulu Guiness, Tory Birch and Vivienne Westwood! I really do suggest you check out the website.. even if you just needed some shoe-spriation to dream about tonight!

What you can win:-
  • £150 voucher to spend at Daniel Footwear
  • A beach bag full of holiday essentials
  • A £50 Boots voucher
  • A pair of Havaiana flip flops

The requirements are:-

  • Create a wish list style collage of your favourite Daniel Footwear shoes. (You could use Pic Monkey or Polyvore to make this if you like!)
  • Publish your collage in a blog post on your blog and let your readers know of the competition by using THIS link.
  • Link to the Daniel Footwear website in your blog post, using this link: http://bit.ly/11KkBu9
  • (Optional) Pin your image onto your Pinterest account linking to the Daniel Footwear website with the caption "#DanielFootwearBlogger"
  • Email the link of your blog post (and pin) to bloggers@e-tailwebstores.com

You have until 2pm Friday 19th July to email your links in!

A winner will be handpicked by Daniel Footwear and announced on Monday 22nd July.

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