Monday, 10 June 2013

TWD - Tough White Dress

Jacket - Republic
Dress - Republic
Necklace - Republic
Stone Ring - Majorca Market
Stacked Rings - Pandora
Caged Crucifix Ring - c/o New Look
Boots - Republic

Even though I feel like I sell so many Republic clothes off via this blog or eBay I still have so many left! I've kept the pieces that are awesome classics - like this white dress - because I genuinely think they are pretty timeless and I have worn this so many different ways! 
This outfit makes me feel like I'm going back to my roots! Republic was such a huge part of my retail career and I'll never forget the memories made working for that company! Infact - speaking of 'going back to my roots' I accepted the placement job within Surfdome! I was offered the job at Selfridges too but I decided to take Surfdome in the end (to many of my friends and familys bafflement and confusion!) 

Not many of you know this, but I used to work at a skate park when I was younger and I absolutely loved the whole vibe - the people who worked, skated or bmxed there were so chilled and so down to earth. When I look back, sometimes I do think I miss being part of that world, throwing skates, bmx's and boards in the back of a crappy car and driving for miles to go to a different skate park or trail. Hell, even watching Rudimentals "Waiting all night" music video brings it all back for me and how tight people in these sports actually are. 

So, obviously that contributed to the decision in going to Surfdome as I feel as though I may get some of that atmosphere and passion back through working in their head office. Another big contributor to the decision was the pace. Now Selfridges is a huge, well known brand, compared to the smaller, lesser known Surfdome, however because Selfridges is in the luxury sector, its a lot slower pace and I was worried I may get bored there purely due to my life now being so hectic I would hate to have to go into work and think it would be slowed down! Also the placement at Surfdome will be far more hands on, covering both buying and merchandising in my year, added to the fact I will more likely be given responsibility as and when they feel it appropriate and I feel like I need that - I'm always striving to do better at work and progress in my career and I think Surfdome will feed that more than Selfridges would! None the less I am so grateful to Selfridges for offering me the position (I have to say the salary nearly swayed my decision!) but I know I have made the right choice by choosing Surfdome!

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