Monday, 24 June 2013

#texasbloggertrip - Taxidermy

Sunglasses - eBay
Belt - Primark
Shoes - Converse

I have to say, I get a hard time off a lot of people - family and friends - for liking fur / taxidermy. I know a lot of them would have a heart attack stepping foot inside my Uncles house out here. I really don't see the problem with it. Yes, I understand the shit that goes down in China and the abuse animals get out there is not cool and I'm in no way condoning it, but, there is ways of acquiring fur in a more ethical way. For example the deer out here, you can skin the coats off them and cut up the meat - now to me thats good use of an animal! After all, what did our ancestors do? The cavemen and the indians? Yeah I know technology has given us nasty man mad fabrics such as polyester but I don't think I could ever turn round and say 'I'll never wear fur" - thats my opinion and my belief. I'm not forcing it on any one and I don't expect all the anti fur believers to push their beliefs on me either.

I'm heading out to a 'famous' ranch tonight (it is 1 million acres!) ready to get up early to go shoot some deer - well I wont be shooting any personally, but, I'm going out there to watch. This is the first job my Uncle has accepted to actually go out and fly the helicopter for people to shoot deer, usually he flies the helicopter and his guys catch the deer by nets and transport them else where. 
The deer killed tomorrow will be hauled into a truck where guys will immediately skin them and cut up the meat ready to be packaged and sent to California to sell. It could be an interesting experience!

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