Sunday, 23 June 2013

#texasbloggertrip - The Ranch Porch

Bracelet - c/o New Look

I have nearly been in Texas a week - time has flown but I've not stopped smiling yet. I cant tell you how glad I am to be here; chilling with family, whizzing about in helicopters, catching deer and doing the all american 'thang' - eating more than my stomach can handle and sitting in a humid school gym and watching my cousin play basket ball! Don't get me wrong, I love my life back in the UK but this was a well deserved break from schedules and deadlines to say the least.

The items that I have been gifted to come away with on this trip I couldn't be happier about, like this dress and these sandals above. The dress is a cotton t-shirt style which is perfect for these scorching hot days we are having out here! The t-shirt style keeps me cool due to it not being so tight fitting whilst the colour and the pattern shakes up my wardrobe a little. Sometimes its nice to break things up with a bit of bold print!

The sandals are also a dream out here, they are super soft - both the upper part and the  sole, I feel like I could walk miles in them! They are actually more versatile than on first thought too.. I've worn them with all sorts out here already.. I just need to take the time to snap outfit pictures to be honest! Oh and the best part right now? THEY ARE ON SALE! Click here to shop them.

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