Saturday, 29 June 2013

#texasbloggertrip - American Football

Bracelet - c/o New Look
Shoes - Converse

I took these pictures a couple of days ago now.. before I was profusely burnt yesterday in the 38 degree heat we are having here right now. I was the dumb ass that fell asleep in the pool in the middle of the day on a lilo - I posted a pic on Instagram so you can see how bad it really is. I'll be going through a fair bit of aloe vera this week until it heals, oops!

I am in love with this little outfit above just because its a no brainer, you can just throw on and go! Simple! Which is kind what I need out here because half the time my Uncle doesn't tell me what we are doing or where we are going until the last minute! 

Since I've been here I've had a big old haul of clothes, which I guess aren't really weather appropriate for being in Texas, but I'm super excited to wear them when I get home! I also bought a few dresses from Nasty Gal too (I love the brand, but even in the US it still takes a good week for their parcels to be delivered - it makes me think ASOS spoil us in the UK with such fast delivery!) so hopefully i'll snap a few of them whilst I'm here! Only 8 days left to enjoy this beautiful state :( 

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