Thursday, 9 May 2013

Serge DeNimes

Being at press days all day, I have to say making Serge DeNimes party my last port of call was a good one. However, I didn't stay for too long as I was horrifically tired and the Imitate Modern was extremely warm, due to the fact it was full of press, celebrities and of course, friends and family of Oliver and Lena Proudlock. After being there just five minutes and quickly perusing Lenas beautiful photographs I swiftly headed down to the basement where the Serge DeNimes collection was on display in a tiny box room. I took in the individuality and loud prints of the new collection, loving the floral sleeved jumper and the new printed tees whilst also looking over the previous seasons collection that was on display. All the while comparing the progression of the first collection to what it is now, which led on to me reviewing the growth and progression of Serge DeNimes, but also, Oliver Proudlock.

Ollie studied art foundation at CSM and then went onto do fine art at Newcastle University. He was brought up in a creative household with his mother being a designer and a photographer; it is no wonder Ollie has a penchant for the arts. However, I feel this is somewhat overshadowed by the fact many people will know him from the reality show, Made In Chelsea - Although, is anyone else loving all the filming thats been done in his studio this season? Hell yes.

Ollie launched Serge DeNimes back in June 2011. Since then, the brand has grown at such a rapid pace, only bolstered by the fact he can showcase it on such a popular reality TV show. The second collection features beanies, jewellery, sweatshirts and a new line of graphic t-shirts which was the second collaboration between Ollie and his mother to produce more Rio inspired tees. 

The aspect I love most about this brand is the fact that Ollie really does care about how the garment is designed and what it is made from - just because he's an MIC star doesn't mean he's just sticking his name (or brand) on any old crap. You can see he is a perfectionist from the collection, the prints are strong, the material is good quality and I imagine they look even better on than they do on the hangers.

I for one cannot wait to get my hands on these pieces!

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