Saturday, 20 April 2013

Suspended in disbelief

Top - Zara
Shorts - Zara
Tights - c/o Pretty Polly
Boots - Republic
Necklace - Republic
Bracelet - Topshop
Rings - Topshop & Republic

Photographer - Lewis Jones

Just a casual OOTD today.. as you can see I was so happy to see the sun out up North.. I think it might actually be warmer here than London! Having said that I'm glad I teamed this outfit with my new Pretty Polly tights! There was still a bit of wind gusting around the back yard (hence all the hair holding!) but these are the perfect leg cover ups! These  are part of the brand new Shape It Up range which are meant to shape your stomach and help you control those curves! Now before any one comments going, oh but you are so slim! I am a shapely size 10 and even -I- have body hang ups - the main one being my stomach and my 'love handles' so ranges like this are a god send for me. I like feeling sucked in which is why I buy the tightest jeans I can find - hurrah for the AA Disco Pant!
They are priced at £12 but are so worth the money - I have washed these a couple of times and they haven't yet bobbled like a cheap pair of Primark ones would have. 

On a side note, please bare with me and my blog at the minute, I'm crazy busy with events as it's come round to the AW press days for 2013 already and I have been invited to so many.. on top of that I am currently writing my last report for my first year at University and then I have to revise for a Law and Finance Exam THEN I have interviews to prep for with different fashion retailers straight after our exams in May. This is for my placement that will start in January 2014. So if the posts are a little sporadic and 'samey', I apologise! All will get better after May is over, I promise!


  1. great outfit! i know what you mean about the love handles haha

  2. You look great I love your top
    Those tights sound perfect I usually get two wears at most of my tights.

  3. Great outfit:))


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