Monday, 29 April 2013

Snow PR AW13 Press Day

Forever Unique

Forever Unique, need I say more? Their dresses always stand out from a crowd. Their garments almost have a signature genetic within them, so they are easily identified amongst the masses, even though every season they appear to be different. AW13 is no exception, their collection is made up of luxurious fabrics and elegant detailing, nothing has been overlooked in terms of precision. I've had a love affair with them since I spotted this brand on ASOS many years ago and have never been able to go very far without one of their designs popping up somewhere, whether in a concession or on a celebrity! 

Baum Und Pferdgarten

Oh, this tailoring! I am a complete sucker for tailored or sports luxe pieces and as you can see from the pictures I took in the press office, the bottoms are to die for! Easy to wear, throw on pieces that will look awesome paired with a some black or neutral pointed stilettos - yes please!

Gia Belloni

Another brand I had never come across before was Gia Belloni, her designs are incredible. She uses precious metals and both precious and semi-precious stones to create her jewellery whilst using different finishing techniques on each piece to make the jewellery wearable, yet distinguished from her competitors. I think you will agree when I say that her designs are like nothing I have ever seen before - I think that may be why I was so in awe of its beauty. 
The honeycomb design is absolute perfection and rightly so, Gia uses both computer aided technology and traditional goldsmithing to create her jewellery. I just love how each piece relates to each other, there is no sense of differentaion, just pure elegance between each piece.

Helen Steele

Again another brand I've never come across, and again another interesting twist behind this brand. Helen Steele is actually an artist - yup, paints and all that - and her collection is her own artwork, transformed onto fabrics which are then constructed into quirky pieces of clothing! Abstract prints and performance art is what she is critically acclaimed for and this translates so well onto her garments. I'm all over the paint splattered dress! See the rest of the AW13 collection here.

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