Saturday, 27 April 2013

Kitch & Honey Press Day

I've always had a little soft spot for Pret A Portobello - even more so with the haggle feature on their website! The experience of a market place - in the comfort of your own home! Yes pur-lease! These awesome little rain macs are already out on the website and come in four variations. They will be SO good for the up coming festival season here in the UK.

Milli Millu was created by Mireia Llusia-Lindh to fuse both the functionality of an everyday bag with stylish design. After spending years as a consultant she was never able to find a bag that suited her lifestyle and did what she wanted it to do too - and she found many women had the same predicament! 
This collection features both clutches and everyday handbags (kudos for the Celine esk design on the handbags!) which are all designed with the busy woman in mind.. this is a woman after my own heart! 
The handbags are incredible.. each of them has different compartments, which are intricately labelled for your work needs such as 'my papers', 'my laptop' and 'my phone'. Even the clutches have compartments labelled for your phone and make-up!! With me being such a neat freak I got very excited about this whole labelling and compartment thing! Check out her website here.

Charlotte Taylor really does continues to get me excited about her line each season - her loud prints and designs make me want to play dress up every time I see them! On first glance of this collection, with all the prints against each other, it seems really unwearable but pulling out individual pieces and seeing that she has used these prints on easy to wear shapes such as a blouse or a classic cut dress makes it such a wardrobe staple, which will spice up your everyday outfits.

The most, elegant yet rock'n'roll jewellery that was on display at the Kitch & Honey press day! I instantly fell in love with the watches, which you can see here - the black one has gone straight on my 'to buy list'! 
She uses only good quality metals like silver and 22 karat Gold Vermeil, which explains the higher price tag than some other jewellery brands out there. However, she already has a client list of Fearne Cotton, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Rhianna and Daisy Lowe to name but a few and you can really see why with her edgy, yet dainty rings and her unusual necklaces. I urge you to check out the website and go crazy for her collection.

Lamb was definitely my favourite brand from this press day! I'd never heard of them before but when I found out Charlotte Lamb (the creator of the brand) was carrying on a manufacturing tradition within their family AND that they were based in Yorkshire; I was completely on board!
Their bags are made from the most luxurious leather and the attention to detail is phenomenal - even the inside of the bags are lined with beautiful suede. You can see with this collection that the brand draws on the craftsmanship of her Yorkshire manufacturing and her love for City style, as she now resides in London! 
The thing I love most about these Lamb bags is the fact they are affordable but also timeless! Yes, they are made out of leather and may be out of some peoples 'everyday price range', however, I guarantee if you invest in one of these you will still be using it in 10 years time.

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