Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to - Spray Paint Effect Nails

I've had a few questions on Instagram and Twitter on how to recreate this nail effect.. so.. here goes!

You will need:-

A pair of scissors
Sponge (a Tesco value one will do the trick!)
Two different nail polish colours
Dry fast top coat

First of all cut the sponge into a smaller strip. You don't have to, however, I found it easier to work with and it means you can use more colours over each different edge on the sponge!

Paint your nails with your base colour. I've come to the conclusion a lighter colour at the bottom works better for this nail effect. I have used a pastel blue (102) by Sirer (I bought this whilst I was on holiday last year). I had to use three coats to get this even coverage. Ensure this base coat is completely dry before moving to the next stage!!

Now for the fun part! Get a good brush full of the other colour you desire to do the tips of your nails in and paint the corner of the sponge. I used Barry M in 292 Navy.

Lightly sponge on to the tips of the nails. TOP TIP - cover all the tips on one hand first and then leave to dry for a couple of minutes.

Keep going, reapplying the nail varnish to the sponge when needed. Keep working the colour back from the tips back to the cuticles. I ensured that the tips of my nails were pretty densely covered with the navy and more sparsely covered towards the cuticle to give it that spray paint effect. Using an actual sponge, rather than a make up sponge, gives the top nail varnish colour an almost bubbled effect because of how abrasive the texture is.

Once you are happy with the results, leave to dry and complete with a layer of top coat to protect this beautiful effect you have just created on your nails! I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat*. I have been using this for ages now, whatever I do with my nails and its an absolute god send due to me always being horrendously busy and not having time to sit around and wait for my nails to dry! I actually put this straight over the top once I had finished sponging the navy on to my nails and because the top coat is so thick it did not smudge the wet navy colour underneath and it really does dry fast! Well worth a purchase!

The finished look! (Matching blue jeans optional!)

If you do recreate this nail art please tweet me @AnnieMilli0n with your designs! I want to see all your lovely colours!


  1. Oooo i'm liking these! :) Might give these a try!


  2. They look fab!

  3. Oh my god amazing idea with the sponge! Must try!

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    Mags x


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