Friday, 12 April 2013

Dust PR Press Day

Irregular Choice

Ever since I discovered Irregular Choice (years and years ago) in a tiny corner of Schuh in Meadowhall I have wanted a pair of their crazy ass shoes. However, I have never quite been brave enough to part with my cash and delve into that realm of wackiness. 
For AW13 they are introducing the platform shoes that you can see in the first picture. These are definitely not 'me' but as soon as I laid eyes on them I could instantly see so many other bloggers rocking them!
On the other hand, the textured black ankle boots with the flower appliqué on the side and the kooky little brogues were right up my street! Give me a pair of them to work, please!


I love a little bit of vintage! No, I'm not one of these bloggers who champion it in every outfit post but when I come across some little gems from time to time I really do cherish them! Rokit had such an eclectic mix of clothes on show at the PR office from Americana styles to georgian style lace tops. There is definitely going to be something there to suit everyone!
What I love about Rokit is they seem to cater for every era starting from the 50's right up to the 00's. As well as sourcing all these amazing items the brand also rework and recycle vintage items that are no longer usable! This ranges from accessories such as turbans right up to shorts and jackets.

On a side note - how AMAZING is that Amercian flag jacket? I'm hoping to borrow it for my #texasbloggertrip!



Ahhh - English Heritage! This collection really did take me back to when I was younger and living in a tineey-tiny village hamlet called Boynton. Barbour Gold Label is the brands flagship womenswear range and for AW13 you can really see they have taken inspiration from the country lifestyle with a strong equestrian influence (ahh - nostalgia!)
Think wax jackets, wool jumpers and tweed trousers and you pretty much have this look nailed for next season!

The other very small capsule collection that was on show from Barbour was the Barbour Bella Freud collection. Bella Freud is a British Designer who specialises in knitwear and has collaborated with the brand to bring us a collection of sweaters and knits adorned with cute little images of lambs, rabbits, falcons and countryside flowers! Although the images may represent the spring season rather than winter, it works really well. I think it was a good move on Barbour's behalf as it still upholds its British heritage theme with its classic countryside creatures!

Catherine Deane

I had never come across Catherine Deane until Wednesday and I have to say, this was my favourite collection that was showing at the Dust press office on Wednesday. The collection was split between long, glamorous evening gowns and more easy to wear, 'day' dresses. I say 'day' because you would totally have to be someone like Kate Middleton to wear one of these dresses in the day and look normal i.e her usual radiant, polished self! If I wore one of these in the day everyone I knew and came across in that particular period of time would be like 'ooo, you look nice, where are you going?' For sure.
Irish born designer Catherine now lives and works in Hong Kong and her collection has just landed down in the UK this season! These dresses are truly the epitome of elegance but come with an understandable price tag - we are looking at around £1000 for a floor length gown and £400 for a shorter style which can all be purchased at places like My Wardrobe and Harvey Nichols.
Catherine is known for her intricate detailing with lace, beading and her leather laser cut pieces are simply works of art! I think this collection of dresses portrays it beautifully!

A huge thank you to Dust PR for inviting me along to view their clients at this fabulous press day!


  1. Really beautiful clothes.
    Barbour's coat is amazing.

  2. I love Irregular Choice, wish I could afford them! The lacey black ankle boots in the fifth photo are gorgeous.
    I also love the lambs jumper, and the Catherine Deane dresses are stunning!

    Jesss xo

  3. I love your blog, but it's not personal at all anymore, it seems to be only about advertising the press days you go to..miss the days where you posted more outfits! x

    1. I appreciate the honest feedback :) I was literally just saying the other day to my boyfriend on the phone that I haven't done a proper outfit post in like 2 solid months. However, this will change! :) I have not had anyone to take my pictures for my blog (my boyfriend lives up north) and I have not had a tripod or a remote (which I am getting next week!) also due to uni and work I have been so bogged down with work I haven't had the time to sort it all out - regrettably press days and events are easier to blog about. I apologise and hope you can bear with me whilst I get back on track! I have an exciting project in Texas coming up this summer so you will be bombarded with outfit posts from that :D xxx

    2. Aww, yeah i understand! Can't wait, yay :) x

  4. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! See the post at

    Liza xx

  5. I need to move to London so I can come to all these fabulous press days! Love the Irregular Choice stuff, always draws me in like a magpie to shiny things haha.

    My latest post ** A Little Bit of Me **
    Mags x


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