Saturday, 9 March 2013


A couple of weeks a go I attended the Sunday of 'London Fashion Weekend' courtesy of my cousin, Charlotte, buying me a ticket for Christmas!  
After not liking the atmosphere at actual London Fashion Week I had high hopes for this public event.
My ticket granted me access to Shop + Catwalk which meant I had access to all the buildings selling clothes, accessories, jewellery, shoes, beauty products - you name it Somerset House had it catered for in one room or another, as you can see in the pictures above.
Diet Coke were there promoting their brand with their 'hunks' handing out free mini cans of Diet Coke. 
Levi had a room set up full of their jeans with their staff taking pictures of each customer and sticking it on the 'CURVE' wall.
Although I enjoyed wandering the rooms to see what each brand or designer had to offer, I was narked pretty much straight away. IT WAS FAR TOO BUSY. If you have ever been inside any of the rooms in Somerset House you will know that the rooms are already pretty small, but adding a whole load of people who are frantically trying to shop discounted designer clothes etc does not help.

However! The catwalk was brilliant! Although I was slightly confused they were showing SS13 trends rather than AW13 (as this is what we have just seen this Fashion Week(s)). None the less it was rather well put together - split into 4 distinct trends.

Graphic Art

Urban Lifestyle

Eastern Promise

Dolls House

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  1. I was here too the same day. I was confused too by the catwalk being SS13 but anyway it was great day and your photos are amazing!!


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