Thursday, 21 March 2013


Last Thursday evening, me and Amy were invited down to the Converse #MYCANVASJOURNEY party/exhibition launch in Hoxton.
The party was located within the Hoxton Gallery and to my delight, I saw there was plenty of Rekorderlig Cider being given out at the bar! Honestly, if someone was to get rid of this brand .. I would never drink cider ever again!
The party was to launch the fact that Converse had collaborated with creatives from all over the UK - editors, MTV presenters, bloggers, DJ's (you get the drift) to basically take their Converse canvas bag where ever they went and Instagram their journey along the way. 
The results were amazing! One of the walls within the gallery was filled with all the Instagram pictures that the participants had taken and the opposite wall displayed all of their bags, complete with customisation! 
Me and Amy danced the night away with our ciders and hotdogs, messed around with the lantern in the toilet and acted goofy in the Say Fromage photo booth! - I think it was a night well spent!

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