Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nandos - Kensal Rise Opening Party

Any of you who know me reading this will know how much I am obsessed with Nandos! So when I saw that Nandos were having a party to open their new restaurant in Kensal Rise, I couldn't not enquire; free peri-peri chicken and beer? Yes please.

This event I attended alone, which I haven't done for a long while! I did feel slightly awkward at first but after wandering the restaurant a while I finally settled down to do some tweeting. Soon after I was joined by two guys who, I guess you could say took pity on me, and started talking to me and asked me why I was in attendance etc.I found out one worked for ITN and the other had just bought a licence from Japan to bring a mens branded t-shirt line to the UK and Europe but they were both actually friends with the girl who had organised the event.

The night went by swimmingly, helped along by free beer and Nandos staff serving delectable peri-peri 'canap├ęs'. Though, chicken wings are quite awkward to eat when stood trying to have a conversation with someone! 
DJ Norman played chilled out tunes at the beginning of the night and then the music picked up tempo later on with many guests breaking out the moves on the dance floor!

Some how that night I was introduced to the owner/founder of the PR company Pretty Green (they look after the Nandos brand, amongst other brands like Pretty Polly and Cadburys) and the International Brand Manager of Nandos.

It was interesting to speak to Strings from Pretty Green to see how he had progressed through his career to be where he is now. I was literally astounded how down-to-earth and laid back the guy was; so much so he didn't even introduce himself as the founder of Pretty Green.

The international brand manager was just as sweet, he asked about my education and told me bits and pieces about Nandos. When he was telling me these stories I could see how passionate he was about his job, and rightly so, Nandos is run as all businesses should be - on strong communication through the business, from waiters/waitresses right up to senior management, having a good product and being in the best places. He told me all about how he is redesigning the tip boxes at the till point, why it matters what weighting the knives have, why the bottles of peri-peri sauce are always full and also the best way of getting the sauce out of them bottles..! (Come on.. we've all been there.. frantically shaking the bottle until we get the tiniest blob on our plates!) I know, it all sounds very nerdy, but its nice to hear the science behind a brand and what makes them tick, it was pretty refreshing.
I could also tell he really looks after the staff in the restaurants. It made him smile to see that the staff working that night had 'customised' their uniforms to their specific beliefs or cultures. For instance, a muslim girl had worn a long sleeved black turtle neck underneath her Nandos top, creative!

All in all a very cool, and laid back party. Guests that I spoke to were eager to share stories and talk about Nandos which was awesome. I even spotted Gabriella from Made in Chelsea at the party! Nice to see the riches still enjoy a good old Nandos splurge every now and again!

Thank you to Bea for inviting me and letting me enjoy such an evening! And to the staff who gave me two HUGE bags of wings and chicken breasts at the end of the night... my house mates were very pleased to say the least!

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  1. I'm so jealous, I'm obsessed with Nandos!


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