Sunday, 24 February 2013


Kate Nash

Me, Hayley and Victoria and Marc Francis from Made in Chelsea

Hayley - Blogger

Joanna - Blogger

Sara - Blogger and Stylist @ Missguided

Sam - Creative Manager @ Missguided

Andy - Blogger 

What I wore on Friday of LFW:
Hat - Zara
Jacket - Republic
Tee - River Island
Bracelet - Topshop
Scarf - c/o Wallis
Jeans - Uniqlo
Shoes - Vintage
Bag - Topshop

(Thank you to Joanna for the above three images of me!)

LFW.. bored of it yet? I know this post is slightly massively late but I felt I still had to blog about it, it was my first LFW experience after all! Unfortunately, what I'd imagined of Somerset House was not what I got. Being a n00b to the whole LFW scene I just felt like everyone was staring with the whole 'who is she' thought running through their minds as they analysed my outfit. I had been in University that morning and didn't have time to style my hair, okay? So shoot me.

Don't get me wrong, I loved it when I met up with Joanna and Hayley and they introduced me to some other bloggers that I have followed for a while but have never actually met (cue me having a fan girl moment meeting Olivia from What Olivia Did, by the way of me just standing there and being unable to speak or join in with the conversation at all. I think I may have been paralysed, I'm unsure, its never happened before). 
There were some lovely outfits on display on the cobbles, but alas, some absolute train wrecks (sorry, just my opinion). LFW is definitely a week in which people can go crazy with fashion and (almost) get away with it. I still hold the mantra, dressing in a way which is ridiculously crazy and makes everyone stare because you have horns on your head, does not make you stylish or fashionable, in fact I don't even count that as fashion to be honest. Give me a sleek, well put together outfit any day over the LFW clowns.

After the chaos over at Somerset House, me, Hayley and Joanna headed to the Waldorf Hotel where New Look had set up a 'Refuel Room'. It was a conference room turned into a pampering haven where bloggers could go in between shows to eat, drink and of course have mini massages, make overs and manicures!

Brands that were there included Bubbleology, Blend and Press Smoothies, Jealous Sweets, iBrows etc Yoganisha, Joey Bevan and Miss Merx Mani's (forgive me if I have forgotten anyone!)

I was lucky enough to have my nails manicured whilst I was there, I went for a simple baby pink base which was OPI and a Topshop glitter over the top. It looked very girly for me but it was awesome as I have only just taken it off this evening! Kudos for it lasting so well!
I grabbed a Cacao Chanel smoothie from Blend and Press.. yes all three smoothies that were on offer were aptly fashion designer related! I have to say I didn't dare try a Bubble Tea but I might have to now because I received two tokens to redeem free ones in their Notting Hill and Stratford stores, hmmm!

Thank you very much to New Look for putting this event on for us so we could chill at LFW, it really was such a good idea! I hope to see it again next season (with more food)! ;)


  1. I loooovvveee this post! x

  2. Fab post! No worries about the photos - you looked fab! :) I love that you did panorama od the Refuel Room! X


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