Monday, 4 February 2013

Leticia Haute Coiffure

On Wednesday I was invited to have a treatment done at the Leticia Haute Coiffure salon in Marylebone on Chilten Street. The salon is a stones throw away from Baker Street station and the road in which it is situated is also home to some boutique / independent bridal stores. Perfect for Leticia Haute Coiffure to get bridal business from!

The salon is run by Leticia and her other half, Pierre Doumit. 
Leticia is a lawyer in the city and runs the salon as her hobby, if you like. Although the salon is something she runs as 'side project', there is definitely no sense of anything being done by halves here. The salon is spacious and well lit for a small space and the interior design has clearly been well thought out too; using cream and chocolate furniture and fixtures gives it a clean, high-end feel.

Pierre looks after the hair side of the business, with him being previously being a session stylist. He has travelled the world looking into how different countries look after and treat hair. This has allowed him to pick these tips apart and come up with his own unique way of styling and caring for his clients hair. Pierre's signature colouring technique is being able to take jet black hair to platinum blonde in one session, without using bleach or damaging the hair. How he does it, I have no idea, but his staff have seen him do it but were not allowed to know the 'secret ingredient'!

When I was invited to the event I was only meant to have my nails filed and polished but Pierre insisted on me having a blow dry too (much to the dismay of Tom, the PR guy, with his list of other press people coming down to experience 'THE BLOW DRY').
He insisted that it would only take him 10 minutes and sat me down to have my hair washed.
Part of the blow dry experience that Pierre provides is to give a head, neck and shoulder massage before beginning. If I'm honest, this is sensational by itself! True to Pierre's word the blow dry was done within 9 minutes (he made me time it on my iPhone because I bantered with him that I didn't believe he could do it in that amount of time!)
Honestly, I think Pierre makes that salon, his dry, witty sense of humour makes you feel like you have been friends with him for years, not just 5 minutes. It's just refreshing, you don't have the whole awkward hair dresser conversation with him... you know what I'm talking about.. 'how was your weekend.. hows the boyfriend' nonsense.

After looking through the price list that we were given, I realised that to have the blow dry by Pierre it would cost £40. Now for me, this is pretty steep, but the results are amazing and his personality more than makes up for the price. However, I would suggest going to him for a blow-dry for perhaps a special occasion or before a big event, not as an every day blow dry. To have your hair blow dried there by a more junior member of staff the prices start at £20, which is definitely more reasonable for a 'once a week' blow dry.

Thank you to Marc for inviting me to the event and Pierre, Tom and the rest of the staff for making my visit so pleasurable!

Thank you to Cathrine for supplying some of the images above!

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  1. I think the blowdry looks gorgeous darling, I've read about this salon before and would love to have a treatment there!

    Eda x


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