Friday, 22 February 2013

Ghost SS13 Press Breakfast

On the 7th of February I was invited down to the Arts Club on Dover Street to see the new SS13 collection from Ghost. Now, after being gifted that lovely Zoe dress from the last press day (the outfit post is nearly ready to go live, eek!) I have been yearning for this collection for ages! Read my last post from the Ghost Dye-To-Order Press Day here.

I have to say, yet again, the brand didn't disappoint! They have really gone back to their roots with this collection and I feel it will definitely get their older customers back on board, whilst exciting the younger generation with their classic staples (the off-white floor length dress was to die for; I had real trouble choosing between this or a black loose fitted blazer for my gift... the blazer won.. damn me being so practical!) 

Even though the brand have been around for over three decades they have still stayed on top of the fashion game, as per say, and nailed this seasons colour palette. The first phase of their SS13 will be very light, consisting of pastel greens, pinks and whites whilst their high summer phase is punchy with colour pops of tropical greens, oranges and pinks. Along with these, there was also a rail towards the back of the drawing room consisting of a more monochrome palette with an unsuspecting cobalt blue mixed in. It definitely worked though, and I know that one of the Fashion Monitor girls picked the trousers in this colour!

The shape/design of the garments were all pretty similar across the rails - loose fitting blazers, tees and trousers along with pussy bow tied blouses and of course, Ghost's signature style dresses and tunics! Although, just because the shapes were similar, does not mean this collection was boring! I imagine that once bought these pieces will be timeless classics in every ladies wardrobe. Trans-seasonal and amazing quality fabrics? What more could you ask for?

Thank you again to the amazing Nicola and Lorna for talking me through the collection and inviting me back to yet another exquisite press breakfast! The above collection launches in mid-march, however, click here to have a nosey at what they have to offer now!

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