Monday, 11 February 2013

60's Monochrome

Dress - c/o Prodigy Red
Heels - Dorothy Perkins

Photographer - Lewis Jones

I am so thrilled, relieved and excited about this dress! 
Let me explain.. 
I was contacted by a few weeks back to review their website and product; I had a quick look at their website and was literally shocked at how cheap their clothes and accessories were! I happily obliged to review a garment and sent some links back of the dresses I thought best suited my style.

I'm not going to lie, after sending the links back, I was slightly worried about the quality of the garment I was going to receive with it being so cheap.
BUT, I need not have feared, this dress was so much more than I expected!
The material on this dress is thick, so much so I have to tell you guys I'm wearing dark underwear in these pictures and its not even showing through! The length is a little longer than usual body con dresses, which is great because this dress does ride up slightly when you walk, however I wasn't pulling it down all the time because it didn't ride up to the extent I had my bum out!
This print and cut is very on trend at the minute; you can't really get away from the monochrome colour palette on the High Street. Hurrah for Prodigy Red bringing this to us at an absolute bargain of £14.99! You can shop my dress here.

Overall, I am very impressed with this dress and can see this website being a real hit for girls who want a quick, cheap fashion fix for their nights out on the town!

I've been back on the website since receiving my dress and they have updated it with new season product! I have swiftly added these five items to my ever growing lust list! There's some really oriental-esk pieces here but I think I could pull them off, right?!

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