Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years Eve 12/13

What I wore on NYE 12/13:
Playsuit - Warehouse
Earrings - Republic
Necklace - Republic
Rings - Pandora
Shoes - Republic

I'm not sure this is a 'to-the-book' fashion blogger thing to do, posting about a night out and all, but hey, I'm going ahead with it.

So last night was New Years Eve and it's definitely that time when you need to have the 'perfect dress'. The only other occasion I think you need that type of dress is your birthday. 
This year I went for a classic black playsuit. It did carry a £65 price tag BUT the fit of it was amazing, I've never tried on a playsuit like it! It fitted properly in all the right places, the shorts weren't too tight around the thighs and it didn't cut in anywhere either. 
I believe that jumpsuits and playsuits are definitely going to become my signature style for 2013.The earrings and the necklace were on sale at work so I managed to snap up some bargains before it got mauled in the sale.

I spent the night with friends and my cousin pre-drinking at Lewis' house before going on to Welly,one of my favourite nightclubs up here in Hull. The night was Jelly vs Wolfpack. Jelly is the usual night they do on a Thursday with Wolfpack being on a Friday. I just love this club because of its alternative vibe and awesome pop-punk-come-indie playlist (depending on what room you are in). Welly is never a let down, with drinks starting at £2 and shots from £1 you can't really go wrong or ever be too skint to go on a night out (yes, even on NYE!) To be honest, I'm pretty stoked they didn't stick the prices up for the New Year either, good old Welly!

So the above pictures are a pretty good representation, or snapshot if you will, of what we got up to last night! It was a pretty funny night! I hope you guys had a good one and are looking forward to the year ahead, because I sure am! Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and comments, tweets, or messages me. I am truly grateful to everyone who does and cannot wait to look back at this time next year and see how much its grown again and the amazing people I've managed to meet through it.

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