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Lee Stafford Argan Oil from Morocco - Review

This is going to be my first ever 'beauty review' on a selection of the wonderful Lee Stafford Argan Oil hair care range.

Before I get into it I would like to give you a *brief* history on my hair (pictures included - CRINGE ALERT!)

Don't worry, I won't be doing this on all my reviews, I just thought I'd be nostalgic and give you an insight into my life before blogging!

Okay, so I had never dyed my hair up until the age of 16 when, for my Year 11 prom, I took the bold decision of taking my hair from its natural 'mousey' brown to dark brown (pretty much black):

Me in Texas September 2009

One of my biggest regrets in my hairs history was cutting all my locks off into a bob just after I got back from Texas:

 Bob! - October 2009

After letting this grow back out slightly - I decided that I wanted to go blonde, so naturally, I went ginger first for a couple of months:

Ginger - October 2010

After going through stages of having bright blonde roots and ginger ends I finally sorted my hair out to an ash blonde colour, 3 months after dying it orange:

Ash blonde - January 2011 

 Me being me, decided to go straight back to having dark hair again, literally 10 days after sorting it out:

January 2011

I then left my hair to grow out / fade the colour which resulted in me being nearly back to my natural colour. However, I had started modelling in this time and was ask to model for Wella who then gave me this bad boy of a cut and colour:

Modelling for Wella - June 2011

A month later I had it cut again due to me not liking the style Wella had cut it into:

Short hair again - July 2011

Soon after I then dyed it blonde again, resulting in my hair going a horrible straw-like yellow *CRINGE*

August 2011

I then modelled for Wella again and they sorted my hair out to an ash blonde with pink undertones which was beaut! They also cut my hair back very short and shaved the bottom of my neck, which you can see slightly in the picture:

Modelling a hat that was published in a calendar! I was Miss November 2012! - December 2011

Since December 2011, I have let the blonde grow out naturally, luckily with it fading (with the help of stripping shampoos and shampoos for brown hair) my do hasn't looked too horrendous whilst the colour has been growing down to the tips.

Most recent picture of me, showing the blonde left in my hair - December 2012

Okay so the history of my hair wasn't that brief, but as you can see, my hair has gone through some trials and tribulations since first dying it in 2009! All through that time, I'm ashamed to say, I didn't use any kind of nourishing or conditioning treatments in my hair at all; aside from using deep nourishing conditioner after shampooing. I know, I know... shoot me now! I murdered my hair. However, my hair never seemed to look too frazzled (to the untrained eye of course!) and I was pretty lucky that it didn't snap off in that time either!

Since I have moved down to London I have mingled with lots of beauty experts, celebrity hairdressers, beauty bloggers and such and have realised how important it is to look after my mane! 

Which leads me onto, finally, my review of the Lee Stafford - Argan Oil range that he launched in mid 2011.
I was gifted all five of these products by the Lee Stafford team at the Motel Rocks Xmas Blogger Party and was so chuffed to have received them!
I have been using the set since around December so hopefully this will give you a good, reliable review as I can really feel a difference in my hair now I have been using them a while.

Argan Oil from Morocco - Nourishing Shampoo

Although I love the smell of this shampoo, the consistency of it is something I'm not sure on; I can only describe it as a thick gel. 
I found I had to use more than my usual amount of shampoo to get an all round coverage and a good lather going on too! When washing it out, because of its strange consistency it feels like it is still in your hair for ages when you are trying to rinse it, so I suggest being thorough here is the way to get best results!

Annie's rating - 4 out of 10 - a good shampoo but I've used better.

Argan Oil from Morocco - Deep Nourishing Treatment

Where to start on this!! It really is incredible and by far the best product out of this range! I use this treatment every other time I wash my hair so around 2-3 times a week but it does state that you can use it everyday until you start seeing a difference.
I massage it in after washing the shampoo out of my hair but before I put conditioner on. I usually leave to work for around 5 minutes, as advised on the tub. After rinsing it out you can instantly feel the difference. My hair is left feeling soft, less tangled and much more manageable and like I don't even need to use a conditioner!

Annie's rating - 8 out of 10 - One of the best repair/nourishing treatments I have ever used on my hair and I am constantly recommending it to friends. I will definitely be replacing it when this one has been used.

Argan Oil from Morocco - Nourishing Conditioner

The consistency of this conditioner is much better than the shampoo, if not thinner, which I do find strange because I have always used conditioners that are fairly thick. 
I only need to use a small amount of the conditioner due to my hair feeling so soft and full of life after using the Deep Nourishing Treatment. Again, it leaves my hair feeling even softer after rinsing!

Annie's rating - 5 out of 10 - I have ran out of this conditioner and have not since replaced it. It is a good conditioner, but, I think Aussie is definitely better value for money and still leaves my hair feeling amazing.

Argan Oil from Morocco - Nourishing Miracle Oil

I have used a couple of different oils before this one and have to say, you don't have to use much to get the coverage you need. I have very thick hair although it is only shoulder length and I use just two peanut sized pumps - one to do from the roots down and the other to nourish the ends of my hair, due to me still having blonde at the tips.
I use this after I have washed my hair, with my hair still being damp and then I blow dry it. I have also used it when my hair has been dry, you know those in between days when you don't wash your hair.. and it still works a treat!

Annie's rating - 6 out of 10 - It is fairly expensive at £11.99 a bottle but I would most likely purchase it again when it runs out due to it lasting such a long period of time.

Argan Oil from Morocco - Miracle Heat Defence Spray

This is probably the product that I use least out of the range, I don't know why but I just don't like using Heat Defence spray! I know, it's really bad! However, you can see that I have used it a bit and I'm not too keen. 
I've seen others review this product and say that it is a 'lightweight spray', I beg to differ. Simply because I've used others and you can see in those that they are more of a mist type spray and they genuinely feel light weight to the hair compared to this Lee Stafford one, which I feel kinda weighs my hair down. You can see from the picture above how much it can soak my wrist, and that was one squirt from arms length away!
None the less, it does what it says on the tin and protects my hair, leaving my locks much less frazzled!

Annie's rating - 5 out of 10 - It does what its meant to do, however, I won't be rushing out to re-buy it when I run out.

Overall I really like the Deep Nourishing Treatment and the Nourishing Miracle Oil in the Argan Oil range, however, the rest aren't anything to truly rave about! Although, I do think that using all of the range together has helped tame my hair and reduce the 'frizzy-ness'. Not that I have particularly frizzy hair, my hair is just very thick and coarse and can occasionally have that frizzy/frazzled look to it. So for making my hair manageable again - I am thankful!

Annie's overall rating of Lee Stafford's Argan Oil range - 6 out of 10


  1. Great review and I love your hair history. Well done on your first beauty post! xx


  2. So many different versions of Annie! You should try dark again ;) xx

  3. Love this review, your opinions are so honest and I love the way you rated all the products :)

    I absolutely LOVE your hair in a dark bob when you cut it after Texas! Can't believe you didn't like it! Also really love your hair now, looks natural and pretty :)

    Hayley xx

  4. My you have had a serious hair history! I love it! I could never brave a bob though !
    I love lee Stafford products I need to try this range :)
    Http:// xxxxx

  5. Great review AnnieMillion... would love to give it a try after reading your review :) Argan oil health benefits

  6. You have beautiful hair. I have never tried argan oil before but after reading your review definitely i will try it.

  7. I'm so happy that you love argan oil too! It's so great and it makes my hair shine like crazy! Argan Oil as Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


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