Monday, 21 January 2013

Crucified in the snow

Dress - Topshop
Jacket - Republic
Earrings, Bracelet & Necklace - Republic
Rings - Pandora
Shoes - Vintage

YES I'M CRAZY FOR POSING IN THE SNOW. Though I had realised that I hadn't outfit posted in ages! So had to take the opportunity whilst Lewis was down visiting me this weekend to snap this new dress and jewellery (even if it was -2 outside!).

I bought this dress last week in the Oxford Circus Topshop store when I went to lunch with Monica! I loved having a catch up with her and what she has been getting up to at LCF and over Christmas. We both started our fashion journey with our Uni interviews around this time last year, and with us both being from the North, it makes it even more special!

Anyway! The dress - I was immediately attracted to it when I spotted it just outside the Boutique area of the store. I feel like its a cross between a school girl and a priest type dress! I love the 60's vibe to it too with the collar and the mini esk hemline.

The new bracelet and earrings were kindly bought for me this weekend by the boy! They were a bargain at £1 each (the earrings came as a set of 3 crucifix type ones) so I couldn't really say no when he offered! 

So, how has the snow been affecting you? I hear its pretty bad up North where I am from but its not been too horrendous down here (apart from the fact one of my lectures was cut short on Friday and I was late for work yesterday because of the Overground breaking down! Grrr).

I'm thinking about investing in a Nikon DSLR soon as I've found some (relatively) cheap bodies and lenses. I think my blog needs it as Lewis' new lens took these stunning pictures and I have just been envious all weekend!


  1. Love those shoes! :)

    My latest post ** White as Snow **

    Lots of love, M

  2. love the dress and the way you've styled it - gorgeous!

  3. such pretty eyes :)

  4. Love the dress, looks beaut on you! <3

    Hayley xx


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