Saturday, 8 December 2012

Zara Store Opening Party Oxford Street

What I wore to the Zara store opening party:
Dress - Motel Rocks
Shoes - Republic
Bag - Republic

After quickly visiting the M&S beauty press evening across the road me and my lovely blogging companions, Julie and Joanna, attended the Zara opening party of their Marble Arch store on Oxford Street.

Now being a fashion student and visual merchandiser, I subconsciously analyse stores every time I go shopping. Its just something I cannot help. However, Zara blew me away, their spacious, beautifully lit store is just jaw dropping and being greeted by a glass of Veuve Clicquot and a 'London' token bracelet helped even more. The bracelets were so that we didn't have to have our hands stamped - such a better idea and yes, I still haven't taken it off yet... 

By the time we arrived, the store was already packed, but still, the clothes were pristinely displayed and the product was just divine! I have always loved Zara but I walked through this store, browsing the clothes in detail, looking at how well it is made (as I do!) and I honestly cannot remember looking at a single piece and thinking, oh dear, that is hideous!

As we wondered, I became aware that I was being followed by the press. Yes, I was flattered but I really did feel like they were wasting their time because I'm not 'anybody'. I'm sorry to the press if you thought I was!
I trawled the internet to see if any of those pictures made it any where (because they didn't when it happened at Uniqlo!) and I found this picture on Zara's Facebook page:

Any way, with me being an occasional recluse when it comes to music and new bands etc I had absolutely no idea who The Kills were!
I was really pleasantly surprised when they came on the stage and started to perform. They are actually a pretty awesome rock band and the duo just emit that 'effortlessly cool' vibe.. not to mention the guy in the band is Kate Mosses husband!

Thank you so much to Zara for inviting me to attend such a fab event!

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