Saturday, 15 December 2012 Ice Catwalk

Cheska, Me and Ollie

Ella Henderson from this year's X Factor

On Monday I was invited to go down to the Tower of London to watch the first ever catwalk on ice courtesy of Having been an avid fan of ice skating for many years and combining the fact this was a fashion show too.. I just couldn't miss it! 

After grabbing a glass of champagne me, Cathrine, Julie and Joanna found a spot over by some mannequins and took in the whole atmosphere in the rather packed reception room. We spotted Ella Henderson from this years X Factor and reality stars like Joey Essex (who was a total bitch btw!) and Lauren Pope from TOWIE. Also Binky, Cheska, Ollie, Spencer and Jamie from Made in Chelsea were all in attendance at the show. I have to say Ollie was so nice! He happily posed for a picture with both me and my flat mate and then went on to ask us what brought us to the Very event. Literally was blew away by his genuine nature.

Onto the show! 

Being freezing was an understatement. Yes, it all seemed well and good going to a catwalk on ice, but, being sat on benches on an ice rink AND outside in December weather was not that awesome at all. I'm just glad the show made up for the arctic temperatures!
An array of 25 different outfits floated up and down the ice catwalk in front of us from sequin tops to disco pants and midi dresses to bum skimming hot pants!
Overall, I really did enjoy the show (looking at the pictures, it appears many of the f-rowers did too!) it was definitely a unique idea. I can see it catching on with other brands next year.
Unfortunately, the guy who is mid-air on one of the pictures above did not managed to land that flip. Cue gasps and 'oooooooh's' followed by a big round of applause! Poor guy!

After the show had finished, the Very team quickly cleared the ice so we could have a skate. I'm not shy on the ice (yes, I may have showed of slightly by skating backwards once or twice...) literally could have stayed on there all night.
All of the bloggers I went with had a little go; some were a bit too afraid to leave the edge... Julie and Jaime I'm looking at you guys ;)

The only downside to the event was that The Tower of London also reopened the ice rink to the public so you couldn't really tell who was in attendance at the event and who was public. I only have that niggle because there was far too many young girls nagging at the reality stars and I do hate to see that. 

However, the night was a huge laugh and I am so glad I could share it with my flatmate, Cathrine and blogging pals that I have met over the last few months living down here.

Thank you so much to for inviting me and giving me a goody bag full of winter warmers as I left! Much appreciated!

* Five images in this post are courtesy of's PR team. Annie Million does not own these images; they are used purely for reference purpose only.

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