Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ghost: Dye-to-order Breakfast

Since I have started University in London, I have strived to go to as many events and press days as physically possible. With SS13 now in the bag, I feel like I have decided what direction I would like to take my blog in. 

I want to understand the mid-market and luxury brands within this industry a lot more. As a country we are so fixated with fast fashion (yes, even I'm guilty of a splurge at Primark!) but, I want to start buying less for more, not the other way round. I feel like my style has changed since I've been down here and I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I've become obsessed with monochrome colour palettes, clean cut garments and a more chic / tailored style. Don't get me wrong this is going to take time and effort for me to change my current shopping habits, but, I want to start investing in my wardrobe with pieces that are timeless.
Therefore, for me to gain first hand knowledge of brands within these sectors my blog needs to move in that direction too. No, that doesn't mean I've suddenly become a snob and will only work with those types of brands but I want this blog to be more versatile than what it currently is. 

Which moves me swiftly on to this post!

I was invited to Ghost's dye-to-order breakfast last Tuesday, and honestly,  I was over come with excitement when this invite landed in my inbox!
My first memory of Ghost was a beautiful black backless dress (much like the silver one above) owned by my mum. I remember she was a bit wary of washing such an expensive garment and her fretting over it when it came out and it had shrank! 

However at the breakfast, a lovely lady named Nicola told me all about how the dresses were made so that they are able to be machine washed. Yes, they initially shrink in the wash but then once dry, go back to being their original size! Magic! She also went on to say that this collection does really well for the company and I am truly glad. The dresses look so amazing in real life and they really do sell themselves.

The dye-to-order collection launched in April 2012 and they did no real advertisement campaign in order to create hype around this new collection. Despite this, the collection has done phenomenally well and they have released more styles and colours for your delight!

The dye-to-order collection features 8 different styles of dress which can be dyed to 11 different colours. Shop the collection here.

I picked the Zoe dress in Emerald Green because I think it will be a timeless piece in my wardrobe - I'll be able to wear it to evening events, weddings and I think its even versatile enough to be worn on holiday!

A huge thank you to Ghost for inviting me along to this beautiful breakfast. I cannot wait to receive my dress! You know there will be a blog post up about that in the New Year!

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