Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Jumpsuit - Republic

Kept it simple for Christmas! Absolutely in love with this jumpsuit; its so simple and easy to wear. I didn't even accessorise it today but its one of those items you have in your wardrobe it still turns heads without added embellishment! Also, the little berries on it look like mistletoe! Very apt for Christmas Day I thought!
Also, realised I hadn't done an outfit post in well over a month :S sorry guys, I've just been so busy. But, I took advantage of being at home and used my step dads camera this morning.

How has your Christmas Day been this year? Mine has gone so fast I cannot believe it! I was spoilt with some awesome presents. A couple of tops from Topshop and Zara, a £20 giftcard for Republic, £30 for Topshop, £20 for Nandos (get in!), a couple of Pandora rings (which you can see on my Instagram) a Pandora charm, Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, lots of chocolate and other little stocking fillers!
My mum also gave me a cheque which is either going to be spent on a Michael Kors laptop case for my Mac or put towards a DSLR.. decisions!

A Johnston-Martin family Christmas consists of grazing on party food on Christmas Eve, going down the pub afterwards and having one too many, then falling into bed. Christmas Day is pretty standard, opening presents and then stuffing our faces with turkey and all the trimmings (apart from pigs in blankets this year because someone forgot to put them in the oven.. mum, I'm looking at you. Cry face). We visit my Nana and Grandad after dinner and open yet more presents and eat yet more party food... yes, we love party food. My family Christmas is, of course, not complete without some banter and carefully aimed sarcasm at each other!

Anyway, now I am massively full yet still craving chocolate!? How can my stomach still be craving food!?

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you all got what was on your wish list this year.
Enjoy the Boxing day sales girls ;) I know I've been stalking websites already!


  1. That jumpsuit looks gorgeous on you Annie! Hope you had a great Christmas & NYE and hope life in the new store is treating you well.



    1. Thank you! I knew I had to have it when it came in! Yes, White City is great.. was nice to work in Hull over Christmas though! :) xx


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