Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bershka SS13 Press Day - YOLO

 Favourite collection from Bershka - Monochrome

Still catering for the Bershka teen - paint splattered hot pants and check shirts

With Bershka being the younger brand to Inditex, you can tell by walking into their stores their range is catered for the younger generation. However! This is all going to change after the next couple of weeks with their SS13 pieces starting to land down in store!

This collection pushes Bershka's usual 'boundaries' and with that, will push their target market up to 30+ on some collections. The pieces are really good value for money still, with a chiffon top coming in at around £19.99.

At the preview of this collection you could tell all the garments had a grown up feel to them (aside from the denim rail at the back of the showroom). Jackets were smart and well cut, dresses had that more dressed up 'going out for cocktails' feel to them and the shoes and accessories were very Zara inspired!

All in all I cannot wait until the new Bershka line drops into stores at the beginning of January. Fight you for that tassel box bag girls!

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