Sunday, 11 November 2012

Vogue + Uniqlo HEATTECH Party

Me and the CEO of Pavegen, Laurence Kemball-Cook
What I wore to the Uniqlo Party:
Blouse - Republic
Skirt - Republic
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Miss KG
Earrings - Topshop
Necklace - Rock 'N Rose

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Uniqlo 'as seen in Vogue' Heattech Party on Thursday night which was held at their flagship Oxford Street store, opposite John Lewis.

Now I'm not going to lie, I didn't know much about HEATTECH before I got the invite to this party, however, once I did a little research into the collection, I quickly thought to myself, 'how the hell have I not known about this before?!'
They launched HEATTECH in back in 2003 and every year they make improvements to this collection through customer feedback. This year its no different - theyve made the collection 10% thinner whilst still having that phenomenal technology within it. 
The HEATTECH collection keeps you warm by having small air pockets within the micro fibres that retains that heat close to the body. Not only that, these garments turn moisture from the body into heat!
Amazing! So wearing one thin layer from the HEATTECH collection means not having to layer up this winter and look like a stuffed toy! BONUS!

I managed to get Lewis as my plus one to this event as my photographer so I was pretty happy that I could give him the opportunity to photograph something different as I know how much he wants to diversify. I think he enjoyed it anyway!

The night was filled with passionfruit martinis for me and looking through the collections at the flagship store. I have to say, the patterned tops in the HEATTECH range are actually a lot more 'fashion forward' than I expected! I may be buying a couple for when I go back up north.

Celebrities that were in attendance were Pixie Geldof and the rest of her band Violet, which when they performed, I thought suited the whole mood of the party, good work Uniqlo! If you ever get the chance to see Violet perform live, I suggest you do, Pixie has such an amazing voice which I was actually, nicely surprised by! Other celebrities who attended were Amber Atherton (Made in Chelsea), Gizzi Erskine, Nat and Leah Weller. 

I also managed to meet the CEO of Pavegen, Laurence Kemball-Cook whose company design and manufacture tiles or pavement slabs which generate energy when you stand on them, turning your kinetic energy into electrical energy! Pretty neat huh!

All in all it was a brilliant night, amazing atmosphere and beautiful clothes! Me and Lewis even managed to get a freebie from their collection!

Thank you to Uniqlo for inviting me and putting on such an electric night.
Watch the behind the scenes video of Vogue styling Uniqlo's HEATTECH collection here.


  1. Just found your blog dear.

    Hope you'll visit me, I will be so grateful :)
    Kisses, Elena

  2. Great post darling - looks like a fabulous event and sounds fun!

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  3. Looks like a amazing night doll! Love your outfit too! <3

    Hayley xx


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