Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lipsy London - Love Fragrance Launch Party

Taylor Swift @ Westfield White City

Me and my two lovely Welsh flatmates, Megan and Cathrine decided to head over to Westfield yesterday evening to watch Taylor Swift switch on the lights and officially launch Christmas at Westfield White City. When we got there we found the atrium had all been barriered and curtained off to which, I was highly annoyed. We were told without a wristband we would not be able to gain entry to see her. After walking around the whole area and trying to decide the best way of getting past the curtains and burly security guards we found ourselves downstairs stood outside All Saints spying out a little section of the stage, to which someone tried to again move us along again. Randomly, as security were trying to move us along a manager / security guard came over and asked us if we wanted to get into the event. Of course all three of us jumped at this chance and said yes! With that we were just let in. It was a strange ordeal. I just feel sorry for whoever went to Westfield at 7am that morning to get wristbands to guarantee them seeing Taylor Swift that evening and then we were just randomly let in.
I stayed and watched Taylor Swift switch on the lights with a few kids from Westfield's chosen charity 'Save the Children'. After this she performed 'We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together', 'Love Story' and 'Red'.
Sadly, after her performance of 'We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together' I had to dash off to Gilgamesh in Camden to attend the Lipsy London - Love Fragrance Launch Party. However, Megan and Cathrine did inform me it was a good evening after I left!

What I wore:
Blazer - Primark
Dress - River Island
Tights - House of Holland
Shoes - Republic
Earrings - Republic

Mojitos @ The Lipsy London 'Love' Launch Party 

 I fell in love with Leanne from Cosmopolitan's outfit!

Cheska from Made in Chelsea and me! 

 One of the Lipsy girls serving food

 Stunning Lipsy girls

 Me and Kate from The Sunday People

 Me and Vanessa from Curvaceous Magazine

Couple of the Blue boys being interviewed

 Ant, Me and Simon 

 MK1 being interviewed by Kate

JLS DJ set

If you have been a follower to Annie-Million for a while you will know that I'm a small town girl from Bridlington and that town hardly ever sees glitz or glamour at any level. Therefore, since moving to London a mere six weeks ago I have fully thrown myself into the fashion blogging lifestyle and have been e-mailing PR agencies and departments like there is no tomorrow to try and make connections and contacts with people.

Andrea from Instinct PR kindly sent me an invite a couple of days ago to attend this event and I genuinely couldn't believe my luck. 
I have never been to a press day before.. let alone a product launch party, but, obviously I jumped at the chance! 
Me not knowing Camden so well got slightly lost and wandered through the Stables Market trying to get to the venue (nearly breaking my ankles in the process - cobbles and heels are not a good mix!) 
Upon arrival I was greeted at the door and given my lovely gold wristband and ascended up to the Lipsy Party room where I was given a Mojito and chocolate... result!!

I scoured the room for people who also looked like they were on the room and sat myself next to Vanessa from Curvaceous Magazine! We chatted about why we were at the event and who we were representing and then watched the nights events unfold. Shortly after we were joined by Kate from The Sunday People who was also a newbie to this whole press/launch party scene!

Celebrities that attended the event were, Ironik, Chipmonk, JLS, Ant and Simon from Blue, MK1, Kate Walsh (Apprentice runner-up) part of the cast from Made in Chelsea; Gabby, Cheska, Caggie etc and some of the cast from TOWIE (the only one I recognised was Lydia.. I'm just not a fan.. sorry guys!) there were a few other celebrities and WAG's who were pointed out to me too but one too many mojitos may have made me forget who they were!

I nervously asked Cheska for a photo, which she was more than obliged to pose for! She was wearing the most stunning studded leather jacket I have ever seen and had serious fashion envy when approaching her! I then thanked her and she replied with "oh, its lovely to meet you!" - With this I was lost for words (and if you know me personally ... this doesn't happen often!) I kinda smiled and quickly 'ran' off so I hope she doesn't think I was being rude.. maybe just a case of being a bit starstruck if thats what it was?! 
I have been told off by Lewis, Megan and Cathrine for not introducing myself or my blog to her when I had the chance but I was just a bit flustered! I'll be better next time, I promise!

The night was just amazing, the atmosphere was immense with everyone dancing away to JLS when they hit up the stage with their DJ set! The food was too cute.. miniature burgers and little pots of chips ! The girls who were working the room with perfume samples, food and drinks were impeccably dressed in black and gold Lipsy dresses with beautifully done make up to complete the typical Lipsy look.

To me this event was extremely well pulled together, the Lipsy girls outfits, make up and hair showed the guests Lipsy's whole image of the target customer who may wear this fragrance and the setting and decoration of the room couldn't have been better.
To me, JLS was a random choice of act for the night, just because I don't see Lipsy as an 'urban' brand, but, none the less they got the room dancing and the atmosphere was wicked and that was the whole point right? :)

A big thank you to Lipsy for inviting me last night and throwing such an awesome launch party for their new fragrance, 'Love'. You can take a look at both of their fragrances over on the Lipsy website here.


  1. wow it looks like yo uhad an amazing time- im glad your heels lasted the night (as i was worried you may have an ankle breaking momnet from your tweets) and that you had such a nice reception from your first press event :)
    you look amazing i love your dress!

    1. Haha! My little toes were hurting slightly by the time I was on the tube home but other than that they were a dream at the event!!
      I'm still buzzing off it now.. doing Uniqlo tomorrow! They all come at once don't they!

  2. Hi Annie,
    It was great meeting you!! Check your emails.
    Hopefully, we'll bump into each other at another press event!


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