Thursday, 1 November 2012

Brand Focus : Mikkat Market

I have never done this type of post on a brand or company before (don't worry, this isn't sponsored... I'm getting nothing out of it!). However, I came across Mikkat Market a few weeks ago after they started following me on Twitter and I have been obsessed with their website ever since! I go on it a good three times a week just to check if anything new in has arrived that I may have missed from the time I looked before. The only downside for me is that they are state side..  cue me calculating their prices into pounds and how much it would be to ship it to the UK!

Katherine Kim founded Mikkat Market back in 2010 after her readers to her blog, The Katmosphere, made her reconsider her own fashion sense and tastes more seriously. From that she made something for everyone and launched her own fashion boutique. Her husband is the photographer behind all her blog and websites images - sound familiar on here? Haha!

Below are just a few images I have pulled from the Mikkat Market website of my favourite pieces! I hope you lust after them as much as I do!

Asymmetric Khaki / Black Cropped Jacket
$57 (Approx £35.31)

Laser Cut Flair Skirt
$48 (Approx £29.74)

Sheer Sleeve Denim Shirt Dress
$43 (Approx £26.64)


Dyed Chiffon Back Top
$38 (Approx £23.56)

Double Cross Twisted Bangle
$14 (Approx £8.67)

These are just a very few pieces that I keep going back to the website to drool over... Sad I know! 

See which pieces are your favourites by visiting the Mikkat Market website here.

*All images from the Mikkat Market Website and some text from a Marie Claire interview with Katherine Kim online. 

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  1. Oh I shall be checking their website :) follow me I follow back ?:)


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