Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Working nine to five

Knitwear Wall

Monochrome Wall

As a lot of you may know I work for Republic and have done for over two years now! Being at Republic has given me so many opportunities I cannot even describe how thankful I am!
I've been to head office in Leeds (back when I first started with the company) to fit some of their clothes for the Christmas collection AND over this summer I managed to go to so many different stores (Newcastle, Metro, Teesside, Huddersfield, York to name a few!) and support their staff with their visuals and store moves; it was unreal. 
As I have now moved down to London to continue on with my studies, I managed to get a transfer to the White City store in Westfields! I was pretty scared transferring down due to the fact Hull is such a small store and everyone knew everyone and got on so well. Clearly, there was no need to worry at all, even though White City is a mega store, everyone was so welcoming and talked to me straight away. It felt like I had genuinely been there for ages after just a couple of shifts!

The above pictures are just to show what I've been doing since in the White City store! My new Deputy manager let me loose on the Miso Monochrome wall and Knitwear wall. As you can see, White City is a really high density store (like many-a Republic store I have been to!) so sometimes it is difficult to make it look amazing when there is just too much stock. BUT, hopefully you guys don't think it looks too bad! I really did love the Monochrome wall, the product in it is fabulous (I'm biased, I love dog tooth and LBD's!)

I did this on Sunday afternoon and I am not back in until Friday now so I think it might have been changed since we have had the huge launch of our 'Clear the deck' Sale! 
You can check out the Republic sale here.


  1. The monochrome wall looks fab!I love Republic :) xx

  2. Ooooh I do love republic!! :D


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