Thursday, 4 October 2012

I'll be your backyard baby

Top - Zara
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Republic
Bracelets (c/o)- Cellina
Ring - ASOS

Completely in love with this outfit! I travelled home in it last night and it was just so comfy! If you guys are anything like me I like to travel heavy (I cart half my wardrobe round with me anytime I go anywhere!) So my clothes have to be pretty lightweight and durable. This top is just amazing as its an Airtex type of material which means its very breathable. This piece is also very versatile and so amazing I bought it in black too. I've been wearing them both to death over summer and I am just getting the last proper wear out of it before it gets put to bed for winter! Although the disco pants are not really lightweight they do give you freedom in the fact they stretch with you so you don't really notice that you are wearing them which is why they are awesome to travel in.

Last week I was contacted by Celliana, an online jewellery company who as been featured in the likes of MORE and Woman magazine. Sarah from the PR department asked me to pick an item of jewellery to blog about and I was more than happy to indulge after I'd looked at their collection! I chose the two cute little hand peace bracelets
I chose these because I knew it would contrast, yet compliment, the yellow in my top for this outfit and I just generally liked the design of them. The best thing about these bracelets is they are so easy to put on yourself. I know this isnt on everyones criteria list when looking for a new bracelet, but, when I was getting ready this morning the clasps weren't fiddly like other bracelets I own and it just made my morning getting ready a whole lot easier (I wasn't in the best of moods after the fire alarm in my Halls went off at 7.30am this morning!)

I have chosen a few others pieces from the Celliana website that I love below and you can check out their collection here.

More tomorrow!

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  1. Love this look!!! so glad I found your blog, slightly jealous though - you are gorgeous!

    the jewellery has got to be my favourite part of the post. I'm mad for gold, aztec, tribal accessories that don't look cheap or like the standard Topshop pieces everyone has. Great post x

    1. Aww girl! I've only just seen this comment now! Thank you so much for the compliments about me and my post! It inspires me so much to work harder for you guys :) xx


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