Saturday, 22 September 2012

My week in pictures!

1. Me making the front cover of Engaged magazine. 2. Finding my braces whilst packing my stuff up. 3. Stuff packed and ready to move. 4. Costa stop 5. Big Bourbon. 6. New digs. 7. Chilli Rice Crackers. 8. Raspberry beer. 9. Winchmore hill residents getting angry. 10. New colour Republic bags. 11. My new Republic home store - White City. 12. First ever MacBook. 13. His and her shoes. 14. Lewis @ Wahaca for the first time. 15. Wahaca 16. Hibiscus Water and Fiery Chile Sauce.

Okay, sorry about being MIA from the blog this week (I did warn you guys!) but, it has been one of the quickest weeks of my life. I have literally not stopped since I arrived here last Saturday! Between unpacking my room (and going out to buy uni essentials: a bigger wardrobe, printer, a Mac, new clothes.. you get the drift!) I have been going out drinking with people on my course/from my flat/from other peoples flats and have been sent on our first mini 'reccy' of a shopping centre - Westfield Stratford!

As part of our course we had to go to Westfield Stratford, armed with a load of questions to answer about the centre such as, what were customers buying? Which shops were particularly busy and why? Did we feel the flow of retailers were appropriate? What recommendations would we make to centre management? You get the idea! It was interesting to go to a shopping centre and think about all these things and realise that the centre could have actually done a better job than they already have. This then all has to be presented back to the class next week! Literally cannot believe teaching starts in 2 days! Eek!

There is a few of us going to brick lane tomorrow so hopefully I will have a new outfit post tomorrow! 

On a side note.. you can view the magazine I feature on the front cover by clicking here

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