Sunday, 2 September 2012

Disco in the alley

Top - Republic
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Shoes - Converse
Earrings - Republic
Ring - Republic
Bracelets - Republic and Cambodian Markets

Just a quick one today; this is my outfit from yesterday.. a bit more casual and grunge than what I usually go for, but, I guess its nice to mix it up every now and again.
I'm currently getting ready to go home for the day at the minute; me and the boyfriend are going to a family BBQ when we get back (if the weather holds out!) and then I may end up packing more of my stuff up for uni. I went home for the day in the week to do the exact same thing and came across so much crap that I completely forgot I had! I had to chuck a fair few bags away too - some because they were slightly broken and some because they had gone mouldy! (I don't live in a dirty house - just for the record - my Grandad told me its because I've put them away damp). Luckily they were bags that I no longer liked!

Any way, I should probably let you guys know that this cute little top is now for sale on my 'Shop My Wardrobe' page! :) 

The 25% offer ends tonight at midnight so get them whilst they are cheap!


  1. wicked look- i like how youve made disco pants look casual :)
    shame about your bags- dont worry i beleive you have a clean house, ive occasionaally put away coats that are still damp and had to wash all the clotthes near them in the wardrobe as they all begain to smell damp :(

  2. What a cool outfit!

    Abi x


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