Sunday, 22 July 2012


What I'm wearing:
Sunglasses - Primark
Necklace - Magnolia
Tee - Republic
Jesus Bracelet - Topman
Peace Bracelet - Cambodian Market
Shorts - Republic
Socks - ASOS
Wellies - Shoe Zone

What Charlotte is wearing:
Jumper - Internationale
Shorts - New Look
Wellies - Matalan

What Lewis is wearing:
Tee - River Island
Chinos - Republic

Going back to where I spent my childhood always brings back nostalgic memories and happy thoughts. I grew up in a small village (actually more of a hamlet) called Boynton, just outside of Bridlington. Here I spent most of my days running through fields, chasing animals or picking strawberries and of course, attending Boynton Primary School. When Charlotte and I went to this school we were both in a year group (yes YEAR group, not CLASS) of around 10 or less kids. As you can imagine when we moved up to secondary school in Year 7 we looked like small fries compared to the kids from the bigger primary schools in the area who had year groups of 30 +. Nonetheless, I feel I had an amazing education at primary school level and I believe I have this small village school to thank for setting foundations for me to achieve higher grades than even I expected at GCSE and again at college.

Reigning back my nostalgia there.. These wellies I bought from Shoe Zone a couple of weeks ago were an awesome £9.99! They are baby blue with white polka dots on and I just cannot wait to wear them to Leeds Festival in a few weeks. They have withheld a couple of treks in the forest and fields so far, but Leeds will no doubt test their durability! 

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