Thursday, 5 July 2012

Newcastle Adventures

Ok, so this post is better late than never! As some of you may know I'm a sales assistant and visual merchandiser for Republic and I am based within the Hull store.
On Friday the 15th of June my store manager, Rich, asked me if I would like to drive up to Newcastle on the Sunday/Monday to help re-merchandise the Metro centre store and the Eldon Square store. Obviously, me and my colleague Amy jumped at this opportunity!
We arrived on the Sunday evening and above are just a few photos that I took after I'd finished re-merchandising ladies Crafted at the Metro centre store into the three stories (I realised, after I finished, I should have taken before and after pictures to show how much this area had improved).We worked into the early hours of Monday morning (2am to be precise!) to finish off the ladies re-merch and arrived at our beautiful hotel at about 2.30am and our room was in fact a flat! We caught around 4 hours of sleep in that plush bed before we went back to the Metro at 8am.
After more sorting of the Metro Centre store on Monday morning I was asked to go help out on the menswear floor in Eldon Square which, by the way, is one of the most awesome and friendliest Republic stores I have ever visited!
I am so thankful for the 24 hours we spent up in Newcastle and I am really glad that Carl, our area manager, asked us to come up and help! It was an eye-opening experience and merchandising stores is definitely my favourite part of working at Republic! 
Fingers crossed me and Amy will be asked to help merchandise the new Leeds mega store in September!

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