Tuesday, 10 July 2012

More Patriotic than you think..

Crown - Tescos
Top - Made by me with fabric from Hobbycraft
Skirt - Primark

Okay so this post is a month over due but I feel like you need to see a bit more of my personality than you would usually in my posts. The outfit in my last picture was what I wore to the Jubilee party we held at work on the weekend of the Queens Jubilee.

I must start off by saying - I'm proud to be British. I love my Western lifestyle and honestly, I wouldn't change it for the world and I feel I am so lucky to have been born and brought up in this country. In the last couple of weeks I've realised all the stuff I used to moan about, our Government, men leering at women in the streets/on a night out and the shitty weather etc makes Britain what it is. Sometimes I do wonder why we get pissed off at foreign immigrants moving over here, WHY WOULDN'T THEY WANT TO LIVE HERE? Free health care, state benefits.. need I go on? I feel like we are given so much and we just take advantage of it, there are countries out there who's people have nothing, nothing but war or famine.

Enough of the procrastination about our country and the people who live within its realms. I think this is just a post to say I've fully grasped my patriotic side recently, which has probably been helped along by the fact I picked a British retailer to create for my 'Starting a small business' unit at college. Small amounts of research I did to contribute towards this unit showed that not many British people are as patriotic as I thought, which is a little saddening but I will still fly the flag (no pun intended) with the minority. 

As many of you will know, I am moving to London on the 15th of September (I have signed my contract and paid my deposit for my room in Harrow Halls! Eek!) and wonder if the fact I'm moving to our capital has contributed any towards my patriotic-ness. Either way, I have started buying stuff for my new room including London skyline pictures, Union Jack cushions and towels!

I can almost feel the city calling my name...


  1. Good luck in london- I'm hoping to move a bit more central after summer has ended too for work so I know how you feel
    love your DIY top and your hair is just WOW- you look fantastic!

    1. Aww thank you :) your compliments mean a lot! :) xx

  2. i just found your blog!= and i really love your posts!

    love the skirt,it's amazing!:)


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