Monday, 21 May 2012

Majorca: Day 1!

Hat - Primark
Bikini - Republic

Dress - LOVE
Strapless Top - New Look
Collared Blouse - Republic
Sandals - Republic
Sunglasses - Primark
Earrings - Republic
Necklace - Topshop
Ring - Topshop
 Bag - Primark

 So, my first day in Majorca yesterday! Here are just a few snaps of me from our horrendously long day (getting up at 1.20am to go to the airport and going to bed at 11pm on our first night and having no sleep in between really does not bode well with my body!) I woke up this morning and could hardly keep my eyes open!

Our hotel is quite quaint, white painted walls and palm trees dotted around, even though the hotel opposite us looks derelict and like somewhere you could get killed (no joke). 

Other than that, the resort is nice and quiet (the best thing about being in a hotel full of Germans!) and the shopping- oh the shopping! We went for a wander in the town centre last night after tea and I could have bought so much stuff, the amount of dipped hemmed skirts, blazers, shorts and sheer tops I could have bought was unreal! I limited myself and just bought a pair of blue and white stripped shorts and a coral sheer top from a place called Shana. This place has amazing clothes at dirt cheap prices - the top was 8 euros and the shorts were 15 euros and they look like they have come straight out of Topshop.

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It's a bit cloudy here today so I'm trying to get on with some assignment work while I can!


P.s - Sorry about the obscenity of the last picture, but I couldn't resist posting it as me, my mum, her friend and my Nana cracked up when we saw this bottle in a convenience store down the road!

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  1. aaa Majorca :) you look so chic!
    hope you have amazing time :)


  2. Looks like your having a lovely time :) try not to buy too much stuff hehe I know it's difficult over there xxx

  3. Where did you get your feather dress from?
    I have a dress the same material but with 2 slits in the side. Charlotte got me it for my 21st lol it was from a shop on Newland Ave

    1. This print came in 3 dresses in last years collection :) got it for £21 in the LOVE sale :) x


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