Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Top - Glamorous @ Republic
Jeans - Republic (Crafted)
Necklace - Republic

Lipstick - Barry M
Nail Varnish - Colour Works

It might be a bit of a boring outfit post today, but, I love this type of look. Smart for the day time and easily transferable into a night out with a change of shoes! Best of all, this outfit in total costs a mere £54.

I had to do a quick close up of my face today as well because you cant tell how bright the lipstick I have on actually is on the other pictures. Of course, this lippy wont be for everyone, but, I love all things bright so was immediately attracted to it in Superdrug!

Me and my cousin were playing around with DIY nails last night so I feel a scheduled blog post coming up on that! The results were beautiful!

I'm in a really good mood this morning so I will leave you with this (vom in mouth happiness, I know) from Audrey Leighton.


  1. i love this type of look too, birds get me every time... such a pretty top! The necklace looks so good with it too xx

  2. Thanks for sending me your link on twitter, I love your blog, you have some great outfits! Love this top and necklace. You also have your tattoo where I want mine but I haven't been brave enough to get it yet :) xx


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