Friday, 2 March 2012

They can't make me forget the weather, if I never wash the sand from my feet

Hat - Primark
Sequin Jacket - Vintage (Virtual Vintage)
Striped Shirt - Vintage
Jeans - Republic
Shoes - Ebay
Necklace - Topshop
Big Flower Ring - Republic
Small Flower Ring - Vintage

Okay so the weather outside when I was taking these pictures really did not warrant the super summery hat, but, I bought this from Primark about three or four weeks ago and have yet to wear it or blog about it! So this was needed. I walked into Primark to buy tights and ended up coming out with this hat, a bag and about 5 pairs of tights (impulse buying at Primark is the worst!) I don't feel too bad though because the hat was reduced from six pound to a pound, yes... a pound!

This vintage shirt was a bargain buy from Ebay too, its originally from a vintage shop in Nottingham (or so the seller said). I've had it about a year and a half and have probably only worn it about four times, I do love it but I'm not sure whether I should post it up on my blog sale for one of you guys to buy.. what do you think? 

My jeans, another Republic garment from my ever growing collection.. loving the colour pop jeans! I think it gives the right amount of colour injection into this outfit. 
Also all Republic stores are giving their customers 25% off all jeans and chinos until the 4th of March so grab yourself some coloured jeans of your own. I recommend the pastel colours that Miso are doing at the moment, it will update your wardrobe into the S/S 12 trend!

I think its about time you meet two special people in my life... and when I say special I mean 'special' ;)

@Yllekriot and @CGledd


  1. I have that hat too! Absolutely LOVE it! You look lovely! :)

    Mags from (& Republic HQ)xx

  2. Love your jeans, lovely colour. I adore my pink pair :) xx


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