Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fresh Pots

Bowler Hat - Monki @ Selfridges
Top - Republic (Soul Cal)
Maxi Skirt - Republic (Crafted)
Satchel Bag - Primark
Necklace - Vintage
Rings - Topshop

Nail Varnish - Barry M -  Yellow 134
Lipstick - Barry M - 147

Bit of a change in background for my posts this weekend.. I'm at my cousin, Charlotte's student house! I stay here most weekends and when we go on a night out in Hull :)

A Republic heavy post today as I was just leaving for work this morning when I quickly snapped these pictures of myself, so this is what I wore for work today (minus all the rings!)
I looooove this skirt, it's quite heavy material which I like (nothing worse than walking down the street and the wind picks up and your skirt ends up round your head). The only complaint I could have about this skirt is that sometimes it picks up quite a lot of static and the underskirt sticks to my legs, other than that, its beautiful!
The top I picked up the other day as part of my uniform, but it is only a measly £16. I thought this would be quite apt for when I start Uni in September as a fresher in London!

More tomorrow lovelies!

P.s- I need you to all watch this video.. guaranteed it will make you laugh, even more so if you love Dave Grohl like I do! 

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