Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What, its not summer yet?

Sequin Trophy Jacket - Virtual Vintage
Blouse - Republic
Jeans - Republic
Heels - Next
Hat - Monki @ Selfridges
Swallow Necklace - Topshop
Ring - Republic

How gorgeous is this sequin jacket! I've lusted after one since I saw Rosie Glow's blog about one the other week. I found this one on Virtual Vintage a couple of days ago and bought it immediately, in fear of someone else snapping it up! I bought another coat from Virtual Vintage too (which I think I'll be blogging about tomorrow). Though I only bought a couple of coats this time, I have got my eye on a lot of items on their website. Which is remarkable for me because I usually lose interest in vintage websites as soon as I click on them as they are usually really badly set out. Virtual Vintage's website is totally the opposite; its a simular layout to most high street websites that we are used to which is probably why I like it so much, its easy to use and navigate through... best of all its FREE SHIPPING! Check them out here.

I know this outfit is slightly premature of Spring esk, hence the blog title, but, fashion won't wait around and pops of bright colours and blush highlights are very on trend at the moment! So by the time the weather decides it is actually Spring, we will probably all be wearing A/W12!
As you can see, I own a LOT of Republic stuff, why? Because I work for Republic and the staff discount is b-e-a-utiful! I have been working at the Republic store for 2 years this coming April. I cannot believe how fast its come around. Republic really is an evolving company and has changed so much since I have been working for them. They are getting faster at bringing on trend key, whilst still having their renowned promotions and Republic are also now really starting to understand their customer.Check their new season stock out here.

In other news, I RECEIVED MY OFFER FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER TODAY! Literally so excited, Fashion Merchandising Management was my first choice (yes, over the two courses that I applied for at LCF) and I really cannot wait to move down to London in September now!

Must dash, have to cook my speciality pasta bake ;) (I'm going to be an awesome uni student!)

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  1. Omg you look great.I love your everything.The way you combine it its stunning! You are such a cutiepie :)
    If you want, visit my blog, Im new here :)
    xoxox Marta


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