Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Violent Splendor

Jacket - River Island
Top - Republic (Miso)
Mixi Skirt - Republic (Crafted)
Tights - Primark
Heels - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Topshop
Ring - Topshop 

I think this whole outfit screams ‘fierce’. It’s a little bit edgy with the leather and the hem of the mixi skirt. I adore this type of outfit; it makes me feel like I could go on a night out in it and I'd be the most confident girl on the dance floor.
OH this skirt! Not going to lie, I absolutely love it. The shape, the colour, everything! Although the colour might be a little bit A/W11 the pleats are so this season, which I am really becoming obsessed with. The more pleated skirts I can have in my wardrobe, the better. I actually haven’t worn this skirt yet (still has the tags in and everything!) it was one of my Christmas presents from mum. Though now I’ve put together this outfit I won’t be stressing what to wear on my next night out!
I have to admit, this is (I think) the only item of clothing I own that is leopard print, (apart from a LOVE dress, but I don’t really count that as it is a dirty green/grey/black leopard print) but I actually really like this top. I think it’s just enough for me, to say I’m a bit wary about wearing leopard print.
In other news, someone stole my car aerial the other week (I never said it was exciting news). My mum said that someone has actually unscrewed it rather than snapping it off. I’m genuinely miffed as it means I can’t listen to Radio 1 on the way to work anymore (an hour without Radio 1 is a long hour) because the signal is all fuzzy, guess I’ll just have to wait for pay day!
My mum’s solution to this problem? Go and unscrew an aerial off another KA and screw it back onto mine! Don’t worry citizens of Hull/Bridlington. I WILL NOT be robbing anyone’s KA aerial! You can all sleep tight at night safe in the knowledge my mum’s just a little crazy and I won’t be taking that piece of advice seriously :')

Literally cannot believe I’m mid way through my half term... I don’t even know where time goes!!

Best go and pick up that assignment work now..


  1. nice post <3


  2. This outfit looks gorgeous!! Welly was lucky enough to have you strutting around in this <3

  3. Love your outfit! Gorgeous :) xoxo

  4. Great outfit !
    What you have lipstick on your lips? ;)

    Follow me :

    1. So sorry, I saw this comment come through on my emails and I couldnt find it on my blog posts to reply!
      My red lipstick is always the one I bought about two years ago from New Look (I dont know whether they do their own make up range any more but I know that Perfume Heaven still stock it :))
      I've started posting my lipstick on my blog now for future reference! :)

      Thanks for reading


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