Monday, 6 February 2012

Pink and purple should never be seen?

Well, today has been, productive to say the least..... Not. Really not motivated with my assignment work at college at the moment. I'd much rather be looking at clothes or fashion blogs..... :|

Any way, whilst I'm failing that part of my life, I reckon I'm making up for it in the nail department! It's become my recent obsession! I have always had relatively long nails but never usually do anything with them. That is until I started trying to find a distraction from my assignment work....

I swear by Barry M nail polish, its so hard wearing and it dries so quick which i love! The Rimmel nail varnish in the picture was a gift from my best friend Hannah for Christmas. Although I love the colour it's quite difficult to apply and can streak different colours on your nail if there is too little/much on the brush!
I hope you like them. I want to see your nail art! Send me pics via a link on a comment or on twitter to me at @J_Johnst

Hopefully I will have an outfit post for you all tomorrow. Although, I am on a shoot tomorrow in York (which I am super excited about and will hopefully be able to blog about a bit more tomorrow)! I'm just hoping I'll finish at a relatively 'normal' time.

I'm off to go and email Casey @ LCF with my certificates (as I forgot them when I went down for my interview on Friday! Duh!)

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