Thursday, 16 February 2012

In the end, it bites like a snake

Hat - Monki @ Selfridges
Tee - Republic (Soul Cal)
Boob Tube - Republic (Miso)
Blouse - Republic (Crafted)
Leggings - Republic (Crafted)
Heels - Republic (Crafted)
Necklace - Republic (Miso)
Bracelet and Charms - Pandora

I am still getting really annoyed at the fact some of my pictures for my blog come out dead clear and then others are really out of focus (!) - and I think I'm pretty 'technology' literate! Uh.
Slightly windy outside today, but, I kinda love the windswept look in some of these pictures :)

How fab are these snake print leggings though?! I really wasn't sure when I bought them yesterday, but, I put them on this morning and have been to college in them and they have actually grown on me! I don't think leopard print is 'my thing' (shame as its been really big over winter and is still in shops now) but maybe snakeprint is?
I also bought a couple of the basic '2 for 12' tops from Republic yesterday as well because I like to have those wardrobe staples that I can dress up or down. I think basics can keep outfits dressy without being too weird and wacky especially when teaming it with some loud leggings like these.
The heels and necklace I bought way back in 2011 but I am still SO in love with these heels. I definitely think they need to come out to play a bit more seeing as I have found them again (I am literally the worst person ever for buying stuff, sticking it in my wardrobe and forgetting about it!)
As I said in my "What, its not summer yet?" blog post, Republic are an evolving company and I have seen them go through so much change; people definitely shouldnt disregard them when shopping on the high street.
Republic have loads of awesome leggings and printed trousers for you guys to get your hands on! Check out their website here.

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  1. Is this you? gosh you photograph well! just found you through twitter, lovely blog. oooh and you can download a few apps if you have an iphone/pod/pad to help you with imagery - really good xxx

    South Molton St Style


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