Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Don't mess with that girl

Hat - Monki @ Selfrdiges
Tee - Topshop
Skirt - River Island
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Vintage
Necklace - Rock 'N Rose
Bracelet & Charms - Pandora

So, today I got another offer through from UCAS; this time for LCF! I applied for both BA Fashion Management and MA International Fashion Management at the university. I got rejected for the BA course and got an offer from the Masters course! Genuinely quite shocked, I thought it would have been the other way round, for sure. Im still not sure what I'm going to do about it though, it means being in education for another 4 or 5 years if I go on the Masters course at LCF; and I just love Westminster Campus in Harrow - and its still my favourite out of all of them I've applied for.

My outfit today - yes, i know.. it's not exactly summery! But.. there is good reasoning behind it. I bought the spotty tights and bag the other day from Primark and the tiny cross necklace from Rock 'N Rose, hence, when I get new stuff I immediately need to start wearing it. I sifted through my black hole of a wardrobe and found my River Island skirt (I think I bought this back in 2008 for about £15 in the sale!) and started building my outfit from there. I really like the shape of this skirt, it flatters my bodyshape well as the high waisted and a-line of the skirt hides my hips, but, it nips me in at the smallest point on my torso; my waist.
I bought a couple of Rock 'N Rose necklaces the other night from their website when they had a flash sale and got this tiny cross pendant for £3!
I was really stumped when it came to matching shoes to this outfit though. I seem to have every colour of smart flat shoe but none in black, weird I know. Then out of nowhere, I realised, buried deep in my coat and bag wardrobe, that I had these vintage military flats. I bought these years ago at a military fayre when I first started Air Cadets and have never thrown them away (SO glad I didnt!). I think these complete the outfit!

One last thing, the students on the business course I am on at college have been planning to hold a charity easter ball and auction on April 21st 2012 in aid of Help for Heroes and the tickets are now on sale! This event is part of our overall qualification.
The Charity Easter Ball and Auction is aimed primarily at businesses for them to network and make new contacts in the local area, but, anyone is more than welcome to come! Please check out our event page on Facebook here for ticket prices and more information.


  1. seeeee, this looks wicked! BLUE AND BLACK ALL THE WAY. rocking the tights by the way :)

  2. great look :)
    I love the hat!

    mybluerinse.blogspot.com x


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